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This is what it's like to watch E3 if you were me.

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Andreoiu Pavel
Andreoiu Pavel Пре 4 сата
What s the name of the game with the guy driveing saying do u like dinasours ?
Goshtosh Пре дан
"please dunkey, don't say it, I can't handle the truth" *Dunkey shows a picture of EA** *Cries**
Canada Dry
Canada Dry Пре дан
They're a little behind the times if they're trying to kill Chaos. Pretty sure some blue gerbil already took care of that problem by eating power nuggets and turning yellow, or something along those lines.
Igor Leszczyński
Igor Leszczyński Пре 2 дана
Tbh, I think that Far Cry 6 looks pretty good, but its made by Ubisoft, so who knows.
WooZ Пре 2 дана
2:44 Amogus
Sal Пре 2 дана
Holy shit Turok music - respect
Sevi Пре 2 дана
The best Indie game is actually Risk of Rain 2 and I think you should play it on this channel. Thank you.
NykoEdits2 Пре 3 дана
Really makes you feel like CHAOS
Jared Ponder
Jared Ponder Пре 3 дана
Can't help feeling like Dunkey playing HollowKnight's Green Path theme over Elden Ring footage is a subtle dig, implying that Team Cherry's 2D indie Metroidvania/Souls like is better than the Soulsborne games that FromSoft are known for. Could be nothing though lol
ZeldaNerd Пре 3 дана
What’s the music at the end?
Amal Sultan
Amal Sultan Пре 3 дана
E3 2021 really makes you FEEL chaos
free headd
free headd Пре 3 дана
Jesus loves you
Charliedoesthings Пре 4 дана
J Joffrey
Lucky 13
Lucky 13 Пре 4 дана
“Looks pretty epic, right?” Best quote of E3
SirZik Пре 5 дана
7:26 wtf how he get a big blade of chaos
jackngova Пре 5 дана
1:48 Finley plz forgive me but wow dat was 1 of the most dumbest 💩 u said ever
User356 Пре 5 дана
Wait! If Nintendo skipped metroid 4 then what is Metroid Fusion 😐
YoungM4fia Пре 5 дана
Not chaotic enough
Tirapalanganas Пре 6 дана
A didn't expected that scene between the Stranger of Paradise trailer scenes XDD
Chris Пре 6 дана
i love how this cleared nothing about how dunkey feels about politics in games
Charles PH
Charles PH Пре 6 дана
Whats the "left 4 dead" game at 0:41 ?
SO, Sej Andrei
SO, Sej Andrei Пре 7 дана
Now only if they made among us 3, Ubisoft would be a good company.
Yuniac Пре 8 дана
Who noticed Hollow Knight's music?
Тhrаshеr146 Пре 8 дана
7:16 cant believe they finally announced a new skylanders game after all this time!
Jack Huggins
Jack Huggins Пре 3 дана
Me and you buddy are the only ones who get this joke
PDocDanny Пре 8 дана
You need to make a video on E3 2021
Gustavo Barron
Gustavo Barron Пре 9 дана
Denji West
Denji West Пре 9 дана
Cyrus Пре 9 дана
The guy from the last game is being super vague on what he wants to accomplish
ptia Пре 9 дана
RigolBova Пре 9 дана
Eagerly awaiting the first clerks type game
againstthecurve Пре 9 дана
just rewatched all of dunkey's e3 videos of the last 5 years and i'm sitting here wondering where the hell did it all go wrong
Þórr Пре 9 дана
I hope that elden ring gives room for more freedom, but I also hope that that extra freedom doesn't come at the expense of the games difficulty
Potato Pi
Potato Pi Пре 10 дана
If you said knack on the interview lmao
Endoterrestrials Пре 11 дана
holy shit dunkey strand is async multiplayer, a la dark souls
random guy
random guy Пре 12 дана
name of the game at 4:03 ?
Podge Mac
Podge Mac Пре 12 дана
Gonna be honest, couldnt care for Final Fantasy since 13. I mean it was okish, combat was good. Everything else was nah. After 13 it's just been a bad string of games either cause of story, character design and development or just changing how the game worked. 16 is just, meh. Halo Reach was the last great halo. Zelda and Mario (repetitive while holding interest in development but just cant bother with them anymore. Honestly hoping for another Dark Souls instead of some other game that feels and looks like it but under a different name. Another Battlefield, wont be the last. And Tekken has been dead since Tekken 5. Ok TT2 was good for character roster. But the combat was so bad. Tekken 7 just took that broken combat and made it worse along with pointless new characters nobody wanted or cares about.
Kareem Ahmed
Kareem Ahmed Пре 12 дана
guys i don't think he likes chaos very much...
Khalid Al
Khalid Al Пре 12 дана
but, what's less political, cod or far cry? with all seriousness though, it amazes me that some people actually buy this "our game is not political." bs.
MMK Пре 12 дана
Happy Easter Xbox
Aidan Kretzer
Aidan Kretzer Пре 13 дана
Don’t forget that halo infinite campaign will be epic
Cosmic Chaos
Cosmic Chaos Пре 13 дана
wtf dunkey you didnt even say anything about knack 2 despite it not being an indie game
azalla Пре 13 дана
kevin kilpatrick
kevin kilpatrick Пре 14 дана
You see that boys. Dunkey uses a hyper x cloud headset. Goes without saying i just ordered one
rommex Пре 14 дана
2:39 idk how being difficult and punishing would discourage you from experimenting, in my experience if I'm having trouble it encourages me to experiment.
Rahim Raissnia
Rahim Raissnia Пре 14 дана
Squim Пре 14 дана
Painkiller is based, so are farming and cooking games. Dunk, your cynicism in this vid is just way off the mark, video games are finally growing beyond the callow badass violence paradigm that has dominated the market since Doom
catb0mb Пре 13 дана
If it isnt cinematic politically correct garbage like tlou2 or nintendo mediocrity he doesn't care. Hes gone against what made me respect him, emphasizeing the importance of fun gameplay over anything else. His halo takes arent much different either. Staten helped make the bungie era games, yet somehow because the game's had a few directors the games going to be bad because xbox bad sony and nintendo good. Hes such a joke.
ndo Пре 15 дана
Saya hanya Tau Satu Hal, Saya Mau Bunuh Kaos
grayfaux blackwing
grayfaux blackwing Пре 15 дана
All i heard was Chaos
Ross MacGill
Ross MacGill Пре 15 дана
Common, Dunkey. Anno 1800 is the last good Ubisoft game. Yer slipping bro
Jerry Пре 15 дана
First strand type gaming event
Rageous Пре 15 дана
I just wanted -ES6 -Fable -Ocarina of Time Remake/Remaster
delete this
delete this Пре 15 дана
John Gojcevic
John Gojcevic Пре 15 дана
What game 4:08 please
Trey Wodka
Trey Wodka Пре 15 дана
Dunkey if you do not use I will kill bowser joke in future videos I will kill bowser in front of YOU. And I do not give a damn
DeadHawk Пре 15 дана
I did nothing but experiment with Dark Souls and other souls like games so... I guess I'm just built different.
Swagga Dash
Swagga Dash Пре 15 дана
Stop. Just don't utter that companies name, just say dice. *holds back tears*
sircorneilous Пре 15 дана
"You know what it is..., among us"
Maxthedoom Пре 15 дана
I really hope you check out Shin Megami Tensei V when it comes out considering you seem to like Persona quite a bit.
Veto Bandito
Veto Bandito Пре 15 дана
Sheeesh, year later and dunky is still butt hurt people didn't like his opinion. We're tired of the smug jaded dunky, k thanks.
JackAttack gaming
JackAttack gaming Пре 16 дана
I think it's J- too
daviecar777 Пре 16 дана
This video sucks. Bring back Among Us Thursdays
RyuZxA Пре 16 дана
"Hes throw em in the Pit" had me dying
christopher yu
christopher yu Пре 16 дана
I know I might get shit for it, but dude I agree with him on elfin ring, and know before you get all shitty and say hey Get gud that I’ve completed blood borne 6 times 100%, I played dark souls 3 (nun else, sorry), and am playing through nioh 2 for the first time, as well as slammed through mortal shell more times then I care to admit. With this said, I do see how the “standard” dark souls type of difficulty can really stump experimentation for some people, as well as demotivate others to play at all. I’m not saying make it basic bitch difficulty, no traumatize them niggas, but I do feel like they should entertain being a tad more forgiving, and if that’s the case with elfin ring, if it spawns it’s own new style just like dark souls once did, I’d love it.
Nathan Berry
Nathan Berry Пре 16 дана
whats the gecko game really called?
Moral E.
Moral E. Пре 16 дана
Game genre: Soup
Gea Пре 17 дана
Asking for a friend. Ahem, um My friend love Soup. So theyd really be appreciated if any of you guys know what the 4 food games are 🙂
MBOZ _ Пре 14 дана
hello sir :v go 2 walter no's channel on youtube, & goto "Dunkey Streams E3 2021 Day 1" & u can see all the soup-type games there ok :u
Busta Nut
Busta Nut Пре 17 дана
7:20 When you're Duke Nukem but also a Grey Knight.
bing bong
bing bong Пре 17 дана
Man I don't really have a lot going on right now maybe I should go direct Halo
Flowering Goat Boy
Flowering Goat Boy Пре 17 дана
That Melee menu music is such a fucking jam
Tooruとおる Пре 17 дана
far cry 5 its worst shit, positive
kappa Пре 17 дана
amogn us
ZechsMerquise73 Пре 17 дана
I can't wait to explore and challenge my understanding of the historicity of Hitler by sitting in a room for 5 minutes until the bad guy comes back from Dunkin' and wins the game.
SlyHikari03 Пре 17 дана
I miss Final Fantasy and medieval Fantasy JRPGs. (but I like Atelier Totori too, so I am probably biased).
Cameron Morris
Cameron Morris Пре 17 дана
Give me silksong or give me death
1st Century Fox
1st Century Fox Пре 17 дана
I'm Unsubscribing because his favorite game isn't knack.
FREE 4554
FREE 4554 Пре 17 дана
2:02 Kendrick Lamar can release TPAB(an album with tackles things such as inequality and racism) and be praised by everyone. But when someone uses a video game(the most immersive art form available) to express a political message, fans just go, “bro that’s kinda cringe like the whole squad is not laughing bro.”
Elite F40
Elite F40 Пре 17 дана
"Come on ya big drip! Where ya goin?"
László Juhász
László Juhász Пре 17 дана
can he say it 1 more time? *chaos*
lustrous lamb
lustrous lamb Пре 18 дана
The only way JRPG fans won't get 2nd hand embarrasment from the trailers is to remove the voicelines altogether and bring back the text blocks
TheOdra Пре 18 дана
Among us its truly a masterpiece of videogames
HoopaWookie Пре 18 дана
6:00 there is going to be a fee to play mode called hazard zone i think but the rest in battlefield u will have to pay for... there could also be another free to play mode which is being announced on EA play
Chad Peterson
Chad Peterson Пре 18 дана
Can someone remind me what shirt guy is here to kill? I forgot
Soi Boi
Soi Boi Пре 18 дана
Every time I think EA won’t fuck it up, they always fuck it up
Quent Пре 18 дана
"battlefield 2077" me:(confused)...yes
GoodAtNoGames Пре 18 дана
"EA is typing....."
Joe Cool
Joe Cool Пре 18 дана
Wait what about super mario 2?!!
WonkyWombat Пре 18 дана
OK but if Nintendo actually just had a panel that said “bitch it’s Zelda we don’t even need to sell you on this” as their entire trailer I’d still have preordered the game.
The Salty Spitoon
The Salty Spitoon Пре 18 дана
Gex of the wild? Wtf is that?
TheBanana Man
TheBanana Man Пре 18 дана
2:44 just incorrect
ZackTheTrash Пре 18 дана
Looks pretty epic, right?
iamtheoceaniamthesea Пре 18 дана
Step out of the shadow of dark souls? Fuck off
34abub021 Пре 18 дана
Fromsoftware stan moment
Apimuk Muangkasem
Apimuk Muangkasem Пре 19 дана
Christomatic Пре 19 дана
This E3 SUCKED.... NO KNACK 4!? (skipped 3 for some reason)
Davi Carvalho
Davi Carvalho Пре 20 дана
Genshin Impact for switch is the best joke of the century
ジェリー Пре 20 дана
Are you a fan of dunkey i won't get angry if your aren't
ジェリー Пре 7 дана
@Alac What!!!
Alac Пре 7 дана
Bradley Wilkin
Bradley Wilkin Пре 20 дана
At 0:40, what is that game called?
WxL Пре 20 дана
I'm convinced every single game shown at E3 could just be made in Dreams. Video games are temporary, Dreams is eternal.
Danny Kanerva
Danny Kanerva Пре 20 дана
> "they bring in the gamers to ask them what games they want to see" > E3 intweviews the OkayBoomer girl LMAO
Dawn Пре 20 дана
the most underrated joke here is calling arin "the guy from the tester"
Sad Socks
Sad Socks Пре 21 дан
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