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Dunkey Sony Direct | February 25, 2021
CRAZI Gaming and More
CRAZI Gaming and More Пре 20 сати
I have Ballz 3d on the Sega Genesis
bigtuna824 Пре 20 сати
These videos are what introduced me to dunkey.
Allan Inc.
Allan Inc. Пре 20 сати
One of the best youtube videos ever made
Joe B
Joe B Пре 21 сат
3:17 Will forever be my favorite Fuckin' MastaPEECE
TheAlecPowers Пре 21 сат
"Nintendo games aren't created as equals, but they are sold as equals." *proceeds to name two first-party Nintendo games that are being sold at different prices* It doesn't really take away from his point too much but it's an odd line to include lmao
Yando Пре 21 сат
Today I learned I know all the Black Ops 1 map names but not a single other one.
Im Trippin
Im Trippin Пре 21 сат
«Arkaden» basically means «The Arcade»
Fighter Pilot Mike
Fighter Pilot Mike Пре 21 сат
First few seconds of the video and already complaining about nothing...
jarek templeton
jarek templeton Пре 21 сат
Idiots! Fools! The lot of you, It wasn’t even his main account! Not even his final form!!!
Rickjames The Gunsmith
Rickjames The Gunsmith Пре 21 сат
Nick930s video actually prepared me enough for this video. I thought this video was pure gibberish before.
Kerkerseele Пре 21 сат
How do you get Afghan wrong
Kerkerseele Пре 21 сат
If you get Dome or Rust wrong I’m gonna stop watching. It’s not funny anymore
Josh Mcsqueelie
Josh Mcsqueelie Пре 22 сата
sky in a circle like 24 music video looks like kanye really secretly took your advice
yosoyignacio1 Пре 22 сата
What the dunk doin?
Nube-Gamer Пре 22 сата
0:46-0:56 JonTron is so random that I can’t tell if this was edited by Dunkey or was a part of the JonTron vid itself 😆
LOW Пре 22 сата
i heard that easter egg in dunks new video and had to come back LOL
Wangxian Пре 22 сата
Sylando is the best character XD
Bigga Пре 22 сата
This really reminds me how bad and corrupted the minds of teens on Twitter are. 😁
KingPat Пре 22 сата
Richard Alfaro
Richard Alfaro Пре 22 сата
Idk I don't like this game
Green Light Music
Green Light Music Пре 22 сата
I like to think that any time Dunkey says "hey, Fluppy," Fluppy's heart stops for a second.
Mr Rough
Mr Rough Пре 22 сата
Dunky saying he is done making good videos. *him still making good videos*
Gabriel Пре 23 сата
Gameplay aside, Mim is hecking adorable! 😄i
Girl repellent • 69 years ago
Girl repellent • 69 years ago Пре 23 сата
This is literally amo
robearth Пре 23 сата
Fingers crossed for psychonauts 2 next!
Kjell Пре 23 сата
Sommer Пре 23 сата
man i miss bo1
LordoftheMemes Пре дан
This is basically knock off LittleBigPlanet
ə Пре дан
1:16 leffens new controller
DevonsTooMuch Пре дан
I dont blame you for losing to Pai. her kicks are annoying asf 😂
TheMrLeoniasty Пре дан
The way Hitman walks in the beginning is the way donkey starts walking in his *cllllasssic* dance video
Fgve 42
Fgve 42 Пре дан
Thomas Clarke
Thomas Clarke Пре дан
All of these fools are wrong because I'm actually the greatest truck driver of all time. I could drive any truck under that bridge no problem.
Emperor DxD
Emperor DxD Пре дан
Are you gonne review psychonsnauts
Nicholas Loveland
Nicholas Loveland Пре дан
Can you make a new super smash brothers video?
Robert Barger
Robert Barger Пре дан
Think I'll give valhalla a break and play black flag agian thanks
Xendrius Пре дан
I remember playing virtua fighter when i was an atheist 8 year old in 1998.
Bloom Пре 23 сата
are you an atheist 31 year old now playing virtua fighter?
CapitanFunny The Great
CapitanFunny The Great Пре дан
You idiots he is faking dream didnt ill make a video to prove it YOU ARE ALL JUST MAKING AN ARMY STOP LISTENING TO THIS FAKE INFO
why is among us memes still exist
why is among us memes still exist Пре дан
Pyrocincal is a furry
notadopeman Пре дан
i wonder who were the 4.5k assholes who missed the like button and were to lazy to fix their mistake.
Jonathan S Horne
Jonathan S Horne Пре дан
I felt exactly like dunky playing this game 😂
Nasima akter
Nasima akter Пре дан
They atleast get some story until ac3 but after that they say fuck it.
Emanuel Phili.
Emanuel Phili. Пре дан
Piolet License? *WHAT FOR* !?
Issy Task
Issy Task Пре дан
0:05 yo where did CoD 3 go?
Hmlqrt Пре дан
Death stranding and tlou 2 ended up being dissapointments as well lol
ACK The Great
ACK The Great Пре дан
"It encourages children to shoot this gun, thats alright only when they are shooting a real gun and taking lives of others in my name go lol"
Lost Coast Wizards
Lost Coast Wizards Пре дан
Dunky, you are the greatest. I appreciate everything you do.
Juan Ignacio Zapata
Juan Ignacio Zapata Пре дан
this triggered my addiction back
Tforu Tforson
Tforu Tforson Пре дан
You know you are screwed when you hear calm voice saying "Hello can you hear me? My name is Daniel"
Jack Streeton
Jack Streeton Пре дан
Damn no strike !
Stephen Ingle
Stephen Ingle Пре дан
This game really makes you FEEL like Niko my Cassin is here
Joe Duh
Joe Duh Пре дан
dunky is the cure.
Johnny Awooga
Johnny Awooga Пре дан
I honestly cannot tell which call of duty game is which. the game play and graphics look exactly the same between every game besides the ps2 one
BrockPlaysFortnite Пре дан
what happens if you run out of coins
benny dude
benny dude Пре дан
It's a pyramid not a sphere
Diavolo Пре дан
Eminem has been really quiet since this dropped
Omar El Tayar
Omar El Tayar Пре дан
Lil bingo fans here?
ApolloVIII YouAreGoForTLI
ApolloVIII YouAreGoForTLI Пре дан
Can someone please explain this to me??
Alberto Cortes
Alberto Cortes Пре дан
Starts playing tomba 😂😂😂😂
Omar El Tayar
Omar El Tayar Пре дан
I love how dunkey is reacting to the dogeyes and Wei Chen conversation
Appltron Пре дан
CoD really did Karachi like that? Damn that's so messed up.
Omar El Tayar
Omar El Tayar Пре дан
If Resident Evil Remake is good why isn't there Resident Evil Remake 2 yet?
Omar El Tayar
Omar El Tayar Пре дан
Ronald mania is a good game! Definitely a must have.
Chase Faulknor
Chase Faulknor Пре дан
Chase Faulknor
Chase Faulknor Пре дан
When he talked about this on stream that was great
Appltron Пре дан
This twitch streamer really called the PogChamp emote "Reptile man". Fucking sigma.
ExpertPenguin Пре дан
This video is 5:49, and yet, because it’s based on THIS, it feels so much longer I don’t understand why
GoscarVerlaat Пре дан
Oh no Dunkey is losing the funny. :( Getwell soon Dunkey.
Justin S
Justin S Пре дан
"This is the only aquarium themed level in the entire franchise" "Okay another aquarium themed level"
SparkedLemur Пре дан
Supportive comment
Morshu (linton411)
Morshu (linton411) Пре дан
You can't convince me that this isn't what happened: Kanye and his team found the original stream, and thought it was an actual leak, then found out it was a meme video, and then Kanye was like "lol that globglogabgalab song is funny imma sample it"
newworldsound Пре дан
She can’t wink and she has the wrong city on her shirt. Something tells me they filmed that In five minutes
Juggamax Пре дан
120$ for tax evaders!? What a scam I've been doing it for free for years now!
Immatheloser Пре дан
*ultra mega ass*
Demi Пре дан
lol its also a 1 way street
Turner Welborn
Turner Welborn Пре дан
Chozo ruins slept on.
Carnes Пре дан
When in doubt, Go Big Mode.
profolive Пре дан
Correct Answers: 5 Close Enough: 6 As someone who's never played Call of Duty Shoot A Man, I'm frankly impressed; they all look the same to me.
Nigge Man
Nigge Man Пре дан
You just need the console and you can play all its games for free later lol
lity fity
lity fity Пре дан
Angelos Dardagiannopoulos
Angelos Dardagiannopoulos Пре дан
...proceeds to play Metroid Prime ost.... nice