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Kaden Morgan
Kaden Morgan Пре 11 сати
“This is fake” - Dunk
MezoN3D7 Пре 12 сати
Anyone else wanna see Dunkey fight Rajang??
Jadan Velasquez Mejia
Jadan Velasquez Mejia Пре 12 сати
"See what happens when you fire a snake that has no sense of remorse or alliance" That's so poetic...
Seifo84 Пре 12 сати
Scarecrow village?!?
Flipperpop Пре 12 сати
I 100% think people who don't like a game have (mostly) valid reasons for not liking it, I just feel like a lot of them act like they're better than people who like it or act like people who do enjoy it can't have that opinion and have no idea what they're talking about. Plus, there are a few reasons people who don't like the game use (specifically whenever someone who doesn't like the game mentions anything "SJW") that are completely BS.
Vicente Balmori
Vicente Balmori Пре 12 сати
William Rider
William Rider Пре 12 сати
There are a lot of people hating like the game because GAY People and also haven’t read a story with out a happy ending and then there are people like nakey jakey that have good complaints
Jonas Parks
Jonas Parks Пре 12 сати
Why is Dunkey misplacing which game Resetti is from *so damn funny* "Go back to fuckin... Golden Eye, where is he fro-?"
Storm Пре 12 сати
rl is shit
Erik Walle
Erik Walle Пре 13 сати
have not legit loled in aeons
Taylor Fredrickson
Taylor Fredrickson Пре 13 сати
The style is sick.
11DucksInATrenchCoat Пре 13 сати
This game really makes you feel like your having a migraine.
Awe Emperor of Chicken Killing
Awe Emperor of Chicken Killing Пре 13 сати
old dunky fans will remember when dunky used to say "did i mine that"
HJ Yeager
HJ Yeager Пре 13 сати
I like this video
Rebecca Zachariah
Rebecca Zachariah Пре 13 сати
free headd
free headd Пре 13 сати
Jesus loves you
Quoc Vinh Le
Quoc Vinh Le Пре 13 сати
It's thai not russian
Nora Adora
Nora Adora Пре 13 сати
He's reading from a script generated by an AI that was fed by 4Chan
Grant Yoches
Grant Yoches Пре 13 сати
As a singer, this is painful but hilarious
Sam Cyanide
Sam Cyanide Пре 13 сати
dunkey i do not like this video thanks
maxbees Пре 13 сати
CHATR3VO Gaming Пре 13 сати
Dunkey's always at his best when he's laughing and having fun.
Woozy Пре 13 сати
6.8 million-
Crown King shizzz
Crown King shizzz Пре 13 сати
Wait can I talk shit on camera's if I played the original Devil May Cry on PS2???
Fer Carrillo
Fer Carrillo Пре 14 сати
Nuestro amigo el simbague Posdata : vengo de parte de missa
Goober Пре 14 сати
I don't wanna get political, but them Trump steaks were too greasy.
Weeb Lord
Weeb Lord Пре 14 сати
Dunkey be like "anime bad, now laugh".
Junos Lenstorm
Junos Lenstorm Пре 14 сати
Yes classic Legend of the Dragon PS1 Thanks Dunkey
RubberDucky Пре 14 сати
This place looks like it would be dope to live in if it wasn't currently occupied and cared for by multiple serial killers.
nicolas suarez rodriguez
nicolas suarez rodriguez Пре 14 сати
vendo de missa xdxdxdxdxdxdxdxd
Emmanuel Rojas Baez
Emmanuel Rojas Baez Пре 14 сати
Vengo del missa
Brandon Houston
Brandon Houston Пре 14 сати
"Shoot him!" 😭
Erik LaRoi
Erik LaRoi Пре 14 сати
all my homies hate brongo
Shark Attack
Shark Attack Пре 14 сати
"Can I go back to being a prostitute now?" Quote for all the ages
dusk jazzy
dusk jazzy Пре 14 сати
That silence then "what else could it be?" never fails to make me laugh
Trick-0r-Treat Пре 14 сати
I bet you any money that Thomas Jefferson wrote the constitution in his bath tub at 4 am
Emiliano Hecker
Emiliano Hecker Пре 14 сати
This is so fucking funny holy shit🤤
Phantom Someone
Phantom Someone Пре 14 сати
I wish I knew who Fun Ghoul was. He is fucking hilarious.
KoolDadNetwork Пре 14 сати
the scariest part of this video is seeing a urinal in a private residence.
I'm Confused
I'm Confused Пре 14 сати
You're first video is as old as I am
Senyo the Blind
Senyo the Blind Пре 15 сати
This is the most threatening building i've ever seen.
Owen Meier
Owen Meier Пре 15 сати
Day 4 of watching this every day
Pocket Dragon
Pocket Dragon Пре 15 сати
This is like going to the bathroom at Jackie Chan's house
Ethan Jordan
Ethan Jordan Пре 15 сати
It's greatest content 2 BAAAAY BEEEEE
Hills Пре 15 сати
Watched this whole thing on mute the first time and was seriously concerned dunkey was off the deep-end. 0/10 do not recommend
darklessian Пре 15 сати
CTR used Alien by Maximum the Hormone?!?!?! That song rules.
Louis Hammerby
Louis Hammerby Пре 15 сати
Mr krabs would be fuming right now
ChuffTV2 Пре 15 сати
Halo Just plain Halo
JM Пре 15 сати
RIP Kenyan Shakur.
Funny kitten_lolz ;v;
Funny kitten_lolz ;v; Пре 15 сати
The end was just... BAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!
Jonas Parks
Jonas Parks Пре 15 сати
"Shotgun as the best weapon" Ah yes, the universe is as it should be
Marc-André Thériault
Marc-André Thériault Пре 15 сати
Don Cheadle is in Space Jam 2021, this video came out in 2016, explain Dunkey.
Shark Dude 7
Shark Dude 7 Пре 16 сати
So happy Dunkey talked about the music, I love the soundtrack in these games
Slack O'Lantern
Slack O'Lantern Пре 16 сати
"This is where I play Solitaire by the...barbecue sauce packet..." Holy crap I'm only 2 minutes in and I love it.
Corey Bingham
Corey Bingham Пре 16 сати
Why does this even exist? Jesus....
RubADub Media
RubADub Media Пре 16 сати
Finally an actual 1000IQ gamer move.
drdwarf360 Пре 16 сати
dunkey i mad last of us 3 and joel comes back
IJ Пре 16 сати
I swear I have seen footage of this house before
CheskerHard63 Пре 16 сати
Pew two redemtion iks good gamme
0 seconds ago
0 seconds ago Пре 16 сати
Dunkey house tour
Pranav Sai
Pranav Sai Пре 16 сати
curb your enthusiasm
Starplanet Пре 16 сати
>clearly in whiterun >commits a crime >"40 bounty added to the reach" it just works
Molly Пре 16 сати
4:52 this entire part made me laugh so hard
Martian Dracula
Martian Dracula Пре 16 сати
I can't wait for the inevitable "Guilty Gear Explained" video, where Eeyore is revealed to once again be the Mastermind behind the entire conflict.
Turtle? Turtle
Turtle? Turtle Пре 16 сати
Do I only get strong emotions from this video specifically, just hear dunkey holy shit man. I haven't even played Tony Hawk in my life.
Mario Quinoz
Mario Quinoz Пре 16 сати
Woozy Пре 16 сати
Best captions
Waffles Пре 17 сати
as an american citizen i can guarantee you this is exactly how this works
Woozy Пре 17 сати
The donkey kong bit is gold
JackAttack gaming
JackAttack gaming Пре 17 сати
I feel like a 5 year old laughing at the song
sm5pac3 Пре 17 сати
drebin didn't infect him with foxdie, naomi did before MGS1
ix3milano Пре 17 сати
dude i actually cant tell if this is a house or a sweatshop what the actual fk
Jaime Leon
Jaime Leon Пре 17 сати
So Gosu
Jack Kemp
Jack Kemp Пре 17 сати
Why do I expect a video on Doodle Champion Island Games?
tonshajo Пре 17 сати
Does anyone know where the house is from? I'd like to find it online and look around out of sheer curisosity.
J. Ahz
J. Ahz Пре 17 сати
This is more uncomfortable than going Glove shopping with OJ Simpson -Gex
Letrollaccount Пре 18 сати
Just unsubbed from tommy and told all my friends to unsub from him as well